Free Products and Special Discounts for Cancer Patients

Wigs, Cosmetics, Prosthetics, Beach Vacations and Free Gift Cards and More…

By Shavonne Tonnes

Freebies for Cancer

Special Discounts & Free Goods For Cancer Patients 2019

One of the harsh realities patients diagnosed with breast cancer must face is the amount of expenses incurred outside treatments.

After going through diagnosis and treatment, most patients found out that there’s more to the expense than just the medical bills.

Cancer is expensive! In fact, it can get very expensive.

If you have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, you will soon discover that because of cancer, treatment, and surgery, you will won\t be able to do things you were used to.

What was normal, will become a financial burden.

The best way to deal with this situation, is to find alternatives to take care of living costs ranging from simple household expenses to childcare 

We published an article with an extensive list of organizations that provide assistance to treatment as well as living related expenses.

This time around we researched for specific discounts and free offers for cancer patients. Here are some of the ongoing discounts and free goods offered to cancer survivors and patients:

“Half of all breast cancers are HR-positive, HER2-negative, and axillary node–negative. Our study shows that chemotherapy may be avoided in about 70% of these women when its use is guided by the test, thus limiting chemotherapy to the 30% who we can predict will benefit from it,”

Joseph A. Sparano, MD 


American cancer Society Look Good Feel Better Program

Free Makeup and Cosmetics For Cancer Patients 

The American Cancer Society  Look Good Feel Better program provides makeup to cancer patients, free of charges.

The Look Good Feel Better program is a 2-hour long, hands-on workshop offering valuable tips for cancer patients on topics such as hair loss, nail care, makeup, clothing and more.

All participants get a bag filled with a selection of beauty and cosmetic items to enjoy.  To get more information and free makeup for cancer patients, visit this link

Free Wigs 

The American Cancer Society often provides cancer patients undergoing chemo with free wigs.

In case you aren’t able to get  If you are not able to get wigs from the free wigs for cancer patients from the American Cancer Society, it is often possible to get them from other sources near you.

Try researching and asking for assistance on your local neighborhood Facebook group.  There are cases of people getting help from local organizations through the network.

Breast Prosthetic

Knitted Knockers & Awesome Breastforms

Breast Prostheses

There are various sources that provide cancer patients with  free breast prosthetics.

One of the most well know sources is Knitted Knockers. The offer free breast prostheses to any woman who requests them. Their handmade breast prostheses are designed for breast cancer mastectomy patients (or other breast procedures). 

Another source is Awesome Breastforms. They offer knitted free breast prostheses.  They offer prostheses, with an without nipples, which can be important and make a difference for some patients.


Head Wraps

Good Wishes Scarves

For patients getting ready for or already undergoing chemotherapy, this organization offers head wrap free of charge.

Here is who they are:

“Good Wishes provides an It’s a Wrap© or Good Wishes square scarf to anyone experiencing the thinning or loss of hair as a result of illness or treatment at no cost. Each scarf is a gift of hope that carries with it the support and good wishes of people who care and represents the strength and dignity of those who wear it.”

Their goal is to, in some small way, ease the journey, provide a bit of comfort and share the power of positive thinking and good wishes with people facing the challenges of cancer related treatments.

If you want to make sure you get their items in time, please remember that their chemotherapy freebies delivery can take 4-6 weeks.


Gift Cards

Cancer Patients free Gift Cards

In our breast cancer financial guide we covered in details the”The cancer Card Xchange”

They collect and distrubute gift cards – free Money – to cancer patients.

If you are looking for free money for cancer patients, then please visit their website and to find out how you can benefit from it.

This is a US based program. In United States, The Cancer Card Exchange gives free gift cards to use for gas, restaurants, shopping, movies, and more.

Family Assistance Programs


FREE Summer Camp for Kids affected by Cancer

Camp Kesem is a fantastic initiative for kids being affected by cancer!  

They provide a week of summer camp completely free for kids of parents with cancer. They have camps all around the United States that are run by volunteers.  

It’s worth taking a look if you live in the US and have kids!


Free Vacation for Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Families

Little Pink House Of Hope is a corporate sponsored program that provides week beach retreats free for families dealing with breast cancer.
Their main goal is to provide Breast Cancer families with a deserved break from the stress and burden the disease often brings into their lives. They focus on providing support and allowing families to relax and reconnect during their week vacation.
Their mission is to empower breast cancer patients and families to live each day to the fullest, with direction, purpose, and hope for the cancer journey.  They try to  accomplish this through free, week-long vacation retreats.

Financial Assistance

How to get financial Assistance While Being Treated?

Hospital resources

As mentioned and explained in complete detais in our breast cancer financial assistance guide health care providers, such as your physician, nurse or social worker may have information on financial resources.  Most hospitals and treatment centers have financial counselors that are well equipped to help you deal with your specific insurance paperwork needs and provide you with treatment cost estimates.

Financial counselors can also help you work out a payment plan.  If you are unable to afford payments, some institutions may be willing to reduce or waive some costs upon request.

Hospital discharge planners, patient service offices, nurse navigators and patient navigators may also have information on resources and advice about financial matters.


When it comes to insurance, every individual is best served by speaking directly with their own insurance provider to find specifics about their own policy and contracts, as they vary from person to person and from providers.

In general, no single insurance plan covers all breast cancer related costs. So it is important to find out how much coverage your particular plan covers. The only way to find out your current coverage is to review your policy with your employer and insurance agent.

However, there are some basic information about insurance that all patients should understand.

What you need to know about insurance

First: Understand the basic types of insurance – there are three types of insurance most important for people with breast cancer:

  • Health insurance pays for some or most of your medical treatment costs.  It depends upon your type of insurance. Some may have insurance through their employer, a government insurance (such as Medicare) or have a private plan you bought yourself.  They all offer different coverages.
  • Disability insurance help to supplement your income if you can’t keep working during or after breast cancer treatment. It can be short-term or long-term.
  • Long-term care insurance covers any help needed if you become unable to care for yourself. You may get this type of care in a nursing home or in your own home.

Second: Understand Your Insurance Plan

Find out exactly what your plans consists of, the coverage and the type of insurance you have.

If you work, request information from the department in charge and understand the relevant details.  In case you are unemployed or don’t work, you are should speak with a social worker or hospital financial advisor to help you in the process.  Finally, if you have a private insurance, take time to read and review all documents and policies to understand your rights and responsibilities, and those of your insurer.

Third: Seek help from a Hospital financial counselor or Medical Center

Most health centers and hospitals have financial counselors on their payroll to assist patients. They understand the technicalities of insurance contracts and legal paperwork, therefore being able to help you insurance and financial matters


Final Words

It’s important to remember that most of the programs mentioned in this article may require some screening and work on a first come first serve basis.
Therefore, to increase your chances of being accepted, you should start contacting them as soon as possible to make sure you know the steps to get the assistance you are looking for.
To know more about other financial assistance programs and resources, please read our Financial Assistance Complete Guide

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