The First Steps In Your Journey Against Cancer

Learning About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
Basic Course

Beyond The Shock video series was created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, with the help and support of global medical community to help patients understand and grasp the concepts of breast cancer in a visual engaging manner.

They set up a website, for patients to interact, ask questions and share experiences.

The website is less active today than other websites. 

Nevertheless, the information is great and helps people who enjoy visual learning. 

They  break down scientific processes into an easy to understand way, with graphics and video animations.

We are offering their videos here using their embed links in way to help spread the knowledge.



Breast Anatomy

Breast Cancer

What is Cancer?

Growth Of Cancer

Types Of Tumor


Causes Of Breast Cancer


Diagnostic Methods


Lab Tests

Causes & Stages

Stage 0 & 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

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Standard Treatment & Clinical Trials


Breast Reconstruction

Breast Tissue Conservation Surgeries

Radiation Therapy


Hormone Therapy

Targeted Therapy



Beyond The Shock Of Breast Cancer, There is still life

Your Shield & Safety Net

Family, Friends & Other Patients

Family, friends, and other breast cancer patients are your shield and safety net, carefully knit together to strengthen you. Alongside them, your triumphs over new hills will be celebrated; your struggles through new valleys endured. 

They can help you see past the shadows, reminding you that each step–each moment–is precious. Leaning on them for emotional and physical needs isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather a kind of healing for you and for them.