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The Data

Since 1951, the most reliable resource for Cancer Data & Statistics has been the annual Cancer Facts & Figures report. It has provided the public with very educational and easy to read resources about all different types of cancer.

As we focus on breast cancer, we are presenting you with a short summary of the disease in the U.S. the information helps us keep the situation in perspective and provides an interesting picture for breast cancer nationwide.

Every single day, thousands of women and their families struggle in their fight against breast cancer, hoping to beat the disease. This often comes at price; both emotional, physical and financial, the disease leaves scars on all different levels.  

While cancer can be treated through surgery and therapy, incidence continues to grow.  That’s where continued awareness and education can play a very important role in the hopes of decreasing the projected number of annual deaths.

Breast cancer 2017 & 2018

The American Cancer Society projected 2017 numbers estimated that 252,720 women in the United States were expected to develop breast cancer. For 2018 the number grew to 268,670 cases. From 2016 to 2017 the annual growth rate was 2.40% while for 2017 to 2018 the projected figure is showing a 6.31% increase.

The breast cancer cases historical trend remains intact. Similar to previous years,  it is estimated that the most populated US states are predicted to have the most number of breast cancer cases this year. California (27,980) ranks number one in terms of cases and is expected to have a shocking 50% more breast cancer cases than the second highest ranked state of Florida (18,170).

Breast Cancer Projected Cases Per State


Dissecting data for relevance

Female Population

To really make sense out of data, it is important to put figures into context. 

The above tables were produced calculating the total population on each state. Once we focus solely on the female population the overall picture changes completely.

What is revealed is that one of the female population from one of the smallest states in the U.S. is the most susceptible to developing breast cancer.  Maine comes ahead of all other states when it comes to diagnosis per capita. For 2017 the estimation was 1 out of every 502 women would be diagnosed with the disease.

Florida and New Hampshire both came second with 1 case per every 529 women. 


Breast Cancer Projected Cases Per female Per Capita


40,590 women expected to die in 2017

It is very unfortunate, but reality.

Breast cancer death rates have been declining historically since 1989, having dropped by 39% from 1989 to 2015. 

In 2017, out of the thousands women that were projected to be diagnosed with breast  breast, 40,590 women were  expected to succumb to the disease. Both older than 50 and younger than 50 years of age have benefited from early detection, pro active treatments and better care. 

That said, not all women have benefited equally from improvements. The mortality trends in Black women has not experienced the same changes as for white women.  The main reasons for the disparity are credited to differences in stage detection, obesity and tumor characteristics. Another major factor was access, adherence and response to treatments. 

When it comes to fatalities, the  the largest states were projected to see the largest number of potential deaths:California: 4,440 estimated deaths

  1. California: 4,440 estimated deaths
  2. Florida: 2,910 estimated deaths
  3. Texas: 2,830 estimated deaths
  4. New York: 2,410 estimated deaths

Putting results under scrutiny.

As with previous tables, it is important to differentiate between total population results and female population only.

While it was estimated that California would experience the highest losses from breast cancer in 2017, the death numbers, when put into perspective n, show a different story when compared to each state’s current female population. 

Once the predicted death figures are divided by the predicted breast cases per state, it becomes clear that women diagnosed with breast cancer in Arkansas, Oklahoma, DC, and Nevada face the highest risk of being diagnosed:

  1. Arkansas: 20.00% projected mortality rate
  2. Oklahoma: 19.70% projected mortality rate
  3. District of Columbia: 19.23% projected mortality rate
  4. Nevada: 18.91% projected mortality rate

Mortality by numbers